First Production C8 Corvette Rolls Off the Line

The first C8 Corvette has rolled off the line in Bowling Green, Kentuky, marking the start of a new era for America’s fabled sports car.

The well-heeled buyer of VIN: 001 bought the first copy of the C8 Corvette for $3,000,000 USD at a charitable auction.

Strike action by the UAW pushed the arrival of the new ’Vette back considerably; the mid-engined sports car was originally scheduled to arrive in dealerships late 2019. The delay has played to GM’s hand, however, as anticipation and demand for the C8 has ramped up to fever pitch.

GM said the new C8 will roll into dealerships across North America starting late February or early March.

If you haven’t already ordered one you ought to get in line; waiting lists are reportedly long.

For a closer look at the new Corvette’s architecture and technology, hit the jump to read our deep dive editorial.

[Photo credit: GM | Source credit: GM via Automotive News]


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